What We Do

KSBS Holdings, Inc. creates long-term wealth as well as short-term cash flow for real estate investors. KSBS offers multiple opportunities for diversifying your investment portfolio through Real Estate Syndication or First Trust Deed investing. For over 20 years, we at KSBS have built our reputation as a trusted Real Estate Investment company in Southern California. We have an excellent track record of preserving investor capital and providing above-average ROI. Our disciplined approach, industry and market expertise, and focus on value-add opportunities are at the core of our history of successfully delivering superior returns to investors. Today, our portfolio consists of approximately 80% multifamily, and 20% light industrial with a small number of SFR (1-4 unit) homes in the mix. We are actively buying mismanaged and/or distressed assets in California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Oregon, and Texas.